Memory Tricks

A good memory no doubt can help us with our subjects. As students, workers, teachers employee, and etc. we are required to remember a lot of information. We have to remember facts, concepts, formulae, equations and ideas to prepare such as exams. to answer questions in class and to gain mastery of the subjects or what others should do. Having good memory can help us ace assignments and score enviable grades.

Here are 10 tips to help us improve our memory.

1. Understand thoroughly what is to be remembered and memorized.

2. Add creativity while studying.

3. Think about what are trying to learn.

4. Learn complete units to fore breaking them down.

5. Put yourself in your teachers shoes.

6. Apply theories in real life.

7. Memorize affixes.

8. Do not think of the better answer but the best.

9. Discuss the subject with our/ your classmate or fellow workers.

10. Review your notes.

These are just helpful hints on how to gain a good memory. We must also have the determination to learn and gain more knowledge about a certain topic or aspect.

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