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Thinking Too Hard

Thinking too hard about a problem can make it harder to find a solution. Stop trying, take a break, go for a walk, play a game, and take a nap.

A change of pace or a change of scenery can often change your perspective.

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We Are All One in the Eyes of God

Every child of God, including my self, is hoping that we love one another,including the unlovable among us.If that is accomplished,whatever problem that will come to us will be considered as a spice of life.

I want to forgive and forget the wrong done for me.

We are praying the family rosary every 6:00 pm everyday for every family peace and for world peace.The salvation of souls and believe it or not.

I will be more caring, loving towards my husband, childrens and to my whole family.

Downshift Lifestyle

Many people desire to simplify their lives, work part time as an insurance agent or as a teacher after being separated or retired.

They may also desire to pursue their passions the challenge is to live with in one's means-consisting mainly of proceeds from the investment of their funds and from the part time

I Appreciate

Hi! to everyone, my friends, best of friends like Madel, my all co-bloggers in this world of blogosphere. And to all my visitors. I am glad when I open my blogs today I'm surprise, so surprising, not expecting. My 2 blogs are top Valenzuela blog in the Philippines for today.

Very great, am so very happy thanks to my valenzuela philippines people, co-bloggers, friends and visitors.

May you always visit my blogs everyday. Here are my other blogs Rose Daily Thoughts, Science and Technology, Man's Call To Salvation and The True Life. You can visit all of these.

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