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Learning the Life of an Eagles

You know, Eagles are large birds of Prey. Most of them hunts small mammals and birds. Some catch fish or reptiles. The happy eagle and the Philippine Eagle catch monkeys. Each of the great birds measures more than two meters across its outspread wings. These Eagles are the largest in the world.

Many eagles sore high above the ground. Others perch on a tree or rock. When an eagle sees its prey it swoops suddenly and pounches. It seizes its prey with its sharp claws or tears off pieces of flesh and strong, hooked beak.

Facing A Challenge

What comes to mind when you hear the word success? Do you know a successful person?

Poverty is not a hindrance to success. Despite being poor, some became a successful businessman because of hard work and perseverance.


It is almost always difficult to accept the death of a loved one. Those left behind ask why it happened to them and to people they loved so much. Learning to accept death as a natural occurence or an unavoidable part of life is one of the hardest adjustment the family has to undergo.

Death in the family becomes a time for more understanding, loving, supporting and comporting. The strengthened bond between family members makes grief easier to handle and helps to point out that there is a whole lot more to live.


The term beauty is a very subjective term. What is beautiful to one person may not be to another. It encompasses all things that "please the senses and lift the spirits" and is conditioned by time and culture.

Every individual possesses an innate need for the sensory for stimulation that beauty provides. Even our primate ancestors spent time and effort in beautifying their surroundings. To many people, the process and the result of beautifying their homes brings a feeling of happiness, pleasure and fulfillment. In fact, the home is the only place where a person, guided by a working knowledge of the elements and principles of design, can freely experiment and express his/her own idea of beauty.

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