Howard Miller Clock

howard miller clock at is the the name of their store. Brand name grandfather clocks are always on sale from this company. Watch repair is also available. They have more than 20 years of experience in antique and new clocks, fine watches and home decor. They are guaranteed low price on most every new clock they sell. Find the best prices on Howard miller grandfather clocks, atomic clocks, world clocks and an almost infinite variety of other clocks. Add ime to your life and keep some money in your pockets today.

Washing Clothes

Hay! just finished washing our dirty clothes. Am tired already but making post on my blog makes me happy. I feel relax listening music while blogging and making posts. Thanks God for the task today.

Wicked Profits

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Yesterday my friend visit me. She advice me to buy oysters for my hubby every once a week. Eating oyster once a week is good for the heart. So tomorrow I buy for him.

3-Life Insurance NoMedical Exam-RR Opportunity

Being part of a single proprietor business, I'm aware of what I am doing. But hoping that this would run smoothly. Having staffs like waiter, cashier, chief, and accountant is a very important part of a business. Every employer must provide their benefits.Buy Life Insurance to provide them, you can easily apply an online life insurance for all of them so that they are all have protection while in service. There are plenty of great offers online, so check it out today for more insurance details and policies.


Checking my blogs today. Also making several task posts. Thanks God I have 3 opps today, better than nothing.

Best Web Hosting

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Hubby is beginning to drive a taxi today. Until now I could not bring him to the cardiologist specialist. As of now I need to accumulate to save for his check-up. Any way hope that he's okay.

Blue Sky Scrubs

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They sell unique uniform with designer chick and practical style throughout the medical professional world. Their simple, yet interactive website beautifully displays men's, women's and kids scrub hats and scrub clothing;design in a plethora of bold colors and neutral tones.

From their exotic patterns to their beautifully stitched details that embellished their pieces, each elements adds interest and style. With a variety of scrub sizes and styles to choose from, as well as their wrinkle and fade resistant fabric properties; blue sky scrubs is a breath of fresh air for the medical community's comfort and style. Today, that doctors, nurses, dentists, and surgeons alike know where to buy cheap scrubs, they can experience high quality, comfortable materials which are designed in sleek cuts and practical style. All items of blue sky scrub are very reasonable. They give you a designer set of scrubs at an affordable price. So what are you waiting for, visit their website today for more details.

Christmas is Coming Again.....

Every Christmas I'm always wish that God grant my wish. When Christmas is coming I am always wish that before every year that ends, God will grant my wish to have our own house and lot. But sad to say until now God won't grant my wish. My family still renting until now. We're renting a house for about 14 years already and still running.

Last year I set aside my 14 years of wishing to have our own house and lot, because my mother have a serious illness. I wished last Christmas God grant my prayer to have and to raise money for the hospitalization of my mother, but sad to say until now no one was help us. Still my mother is in the province and suffering her illness. It is very painful to me as a daughter that I'm far away from her and can't help her even in a simple way of serving her. It is very hard to accept that me as a daughter I can't help her in terms of money or financial aspects, or even in a simple way.

Today same last year Christmas season is coming, My prayer last year is my wish until now. Same with my mother my husband is in a serious illness also as of today. W e found it this morning. We two went to the market to buy for our breakfast, suddenly we see the basketball court near in the market having medical mission. So we decide to stop over there and I told my hubby to check his heartbeat if his heart is in good condition. Just tried, because it is free check up from mayor,s charity.

The result is, my hubby's heart is in enlargement. The doctor there suggest that as soon as possible we must consult a cardiologist specialist to confirm the test. It is very sad result. How can we consult a cardiologist specialist if we don't have the money. I don't know how? My husband is just an extra driver last 3 months ago until now, he can only drive a taxi 3 times a week only, and we are 7 in the family. Our 4 children are all going to school. He's earning is not enough for us especially for our food every day. My children are suffering of going to school everyday without a pocket money. So how can we solved this serious problem. I really don't know...... Am hoping....praying to Lord Jesus Christ that before his.... or after Christmas we can have the money that we need to let my hubby's heart check by a cardiologist specialist.....Lord Please...... grant me prayer please.....I'm begging you my Almighty God Father hear my request and have mercy on us.......please God......please I beseech you Lord please.....

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