We Can Believe and have eternal life

Jesus went on to say,"... so that everyone who has faith in him (Jesus) will have eternal life and never really die." When we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins, God will count his death in place of ours. At the same time, we need to promise to love and obey him with all our hearts from now on. When we do this, Jesus become best friend ever!

But that's not all. Jesus has promised eternal life in Heaven to everyone who believes in him. That's why he said,"There are many rooms in my father's house ... I am going to prepare a place for each of you. After I have done this, I will come back and take you with me. Then we will be together."
Wow! That's a promise you don't want to miss!

Cultural Influences

The term culture is define as a system where a group of people shares similar values such as: common ways of doing things, common beliefs of right and wrong, common nations of how things should be, and to a certain extent, common perceptions of what is beautiful and ugly. These are passed on from generation to generation and are usually preserved especially when families go and live in other countries.This is the reason why we have what is known as China town in Binondo, Manila and other places all over the country where people of different cultures group themselves. Filipinos too, do the same when they immigrate to other countries like the United States.

If we go back to the older times, even our primate ancestor regarded the as more than a shelter for physical comfort. For them, it was a symbol of an ideal life, limited by culture, and form out of goals and values common among the people that live in it.

At present, practices, attitude and values related to humans basic activities such as eating, bathing, sleeping and socializing assume a big role in the design of eating, sleeping, and entertaining areas,and bathing facilities. The Japanese people sleep and sit on pillows close to the floor while Filipinos sit on chairs and sleep in beds.

Psychological Effects

" A living space should contribute positively to the comfort and efficiency of which activities take place with in it." In a living room, for example, furniture and other furnishings should be organized to produce the proper atmosphere for an easy and friendly social interaction among family members, relatives and friends . In the dining room, care should be given so that the surrounding area promotes the proper ambiance for a relaxing, entertaining and enjoyable meals. In the bedroom, sufficient lightning and adequate provisions for privacy will contribute greatly to the effective and efficient use of the space.


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Attributes of Housing Adequacy

Our homes today play a critical role in our lives. They provide us shelter and protect us from physical harm, nurture our growth, enhance our development,provide us refuge against uncertainties and shield us from stress of the outside world,give us a feeling of control over our immediate environment,promote the dvelopment of our potentials, and serve us and outlet for our creative/imaginative self expression.

The we call our own, where we spend most of our social and private living is invariable in our changing world.It has become and continues to be very important in our lives.The building or structure, as well us the geographical location,may change many times during our lives.However, the idea of the home as a place where our basic needs are answered and provide for will remain unchanging.

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Knowing What's New In Me

Look here and there, my friends,
Many things to grasp and learn.
Read, think, analyze, and comprehend,
Ready to absorb the knowledge at hand.
After surviving typhoon Ondoy,
There is a lesson on it.
The lesson for me is that we should always prepare for everything.
And show love ,kindness and be helpfull to others that is in need, and to all of our love ones,
While we still alive.

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