Privatization of our Government Hospitals

Most Filipino now questions the pro-poor programs of the Government here in our country beloved Philippines. Blame partly on the people who continue to cheat on the privatization of specialized state-owned hospitals in our country.Guy's these medical institutions, like the Philippine Heart Center, and
National Kidney and Transplant Institute, were set-up during the administration of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos in line with the Governments commitment to serve the poor.

Today, however, some quarters now wants to privatize these specialized hospitals because of the inability of our government to infuse much-needed funds to upgrade and acquired sophisticated and modern medical equipment.

Despite the fact that they are know majority of the 90 million Filipino rely on government hospitals and state-employed health professionals, including doctors and nurses, for their medical and health needs due to extreme poverty.

Instead of selling government hospitals why not to improve the delivery of health services to the poor and marginalized members of society, who are bothered by the high prices of medicines. Guy's u know poor Filipino need this government hospitals because we cannot afford to pay the high cost of drugs, doctors fees, and other medicals bills u know.

What is certain?, a corresponding increase in medical cost once government-owned hospitals are privatized. Oh affordable health services will be beyond the reach of the poor. Among other things,it will ensure that health services in our country were have many people die without seeing a medical doctor due to poverty. Where more and more people cannot even afford the high cost of shelter, food clothing and education. How sad if would be happen.

And attention to those who want to help the poor living here in the Philippines or not you must oppose the privatization of government-run hospitals. We badly need your help guys to this issue. Were very much appreciated your support to this issue.

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