Reasons For Eating

Have you pondered on the question, ''Why do we eat food?''This question, though it may seem silly and obvious, may get snappy answers such as ''to satisfy my hunger'' or ''to keep me alive and kicking''. This answers are very true. Food is one of the basic needs of man. Once the body is deprived of it even for a short period of time, sensations of hunger will result.
Physiology is defined as the study of the way living organisms function. The performance of these functions by the body requires sufficient supply of nutrients summed up as ''physiological needs''.

If we don't eat food for a long period of time, our body makes use of its reserves. When this happens, we lose weight. According protein depletion of the hearts muscle. (only water), withdrawal of protein reserves reaches a level that maybe fatal-death may occur from heart failure following protein depletion of the hearts muscle.

In the third world countries, many people eat a large amount of food because they are hungry. On the other hand, in rich countries where food is abundant, food intake is influence by stimuli rather than hunger or fear of starvation.

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