The World's Top Billionaires

Check out the lists of the richest men in the world. We got three Filipinos in there!!!

1. Bill Gates,---American Microsoft founder --$50B
2. Warren Buffet,---investment wizard-------$42B
3. Carlos Slim,---Mexican telecoms magnet---$30B
4. Ingvar Kambrad,--Swedish founder of Ikea-$28B
5. Lakshmin Mitial,--Indian steel magnate----$23.5B
6. Paul Allan,---Microsoft co-founder,---------$22B
7. Bernard Arnault,--French luxury retailer--- $21.5B
8.Prince Aiwaleed,---Saudi Investor-----------$20B
9.Kenmeth Thomson,-Canadian media mogul--$19.6B
10. Li La-shing,-------Hongkong tycoon--------$18.6B
451 Lucio Tan,-------Tobacco King-------------$1.7B
512. Hendry Sy,------Asia's mall king----------$1.5B
606. Jaime Zobel de Ayala,--Owner of the Philippines biggest conglomerate---$1.3B

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