ATTENTION !! Need Medical Assistant

Good day to all,

At my young age, I dream that someday I would be one of those who can help others who need the most. Sadly because it was not happening to me.
Today, my family especially my husband is in need. He needs Medical Assistance for the maintenance of his medicines. We really can't afford the cost of his medicines everyday. It's very difficult to us to sustain the high cost of the medicine.

So I'm begging the attention of all who have the good heart and want to help us. I am asking for medical help, so that I can sustain his medicines. I'm begging to those who have.
And to those who want to help us, you may send through this account: 
Roberto J. Moreno - RCBC Account Number: 4215-8500-2017-1907 or
you can directly send us through Western Union or LBC, Rosalita G. Moreno 98B Kabesang Pino St., Pariancillo Villa Valenzuela City. contact #: 09497004495.
I previously open the RCBC Account because, having an account is one of the required documents that was needed in submitting medical assistance for Vice President Jejomar Binay.
I submitted a complete documents last November 2014 and still waiting for their response. I hope God will provide what we need most now.
Every drops counts and highly appreciated . More power and more blessings to all.
Thank you very much and God Bless us all.

P.S. to those who seek medical assistance you can go to Presidential Action Office in Mendiola in front of Max Restaurant, PNB Building. 
For having endorsement, to PCSO, DOH or Social Welfare.

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