Leather Sofas

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Meal Planning Guides

When planning meals for the family, certain guides have to be considered. These are the Three Basic Food Groups, and Meal Patterns.

The Three Basic Food Groups

Earlier in this unit, the three food groups were discussed. Let us go over them in terms of how much of these foods should you eat. They are summarized below.

Recommended Daily Servings
Food Groups
------> BOYS ------> GIRLS
Energy Foods
  • rice and other starchy foods ----> 5 1/3 ------> 5 cups
  • root crops -----> 1 ------> 1 small
  • sugar -----> 5 ------> 5 tsps
  • fat
    -----> 6 ------> 5 tsps

Body Building Foods

  • milk -----> 1/2 -----> 1/2 cup
  • fish, meat, poultry -----> 1 2/3 -----> 1 2/3 serving
  • egg -----> 1/2 pc ------> 1/2 pc
  • dried beans or nuts -----> 1/3 pc -----> 1/3 pc

Regulating Foods

  • green leafy and yellow vegetables --> 1/2 pc ------> 1/2 pc
  • vitamin C rich foods (papaya, guava, atis, etc)--> 1 serving ---> 1 serving
  • other fruits and vegetables (banana, langka, talong, okra)--> 1 serving ---> 1 serving

The body needs substances called nutrients. You already know that these are present in foods. However no one food cointains all of the nutrients. They are found in different foods and are available in different amounts. You have to eat different kinds of foods.

Practicing Good Work Habits in the Kitchen

Meal preparation does not only limit itself to organizing your procedures, knowing recipe terms, and mastering techniques. It extends to other things like proper grooming, personal hygiene, and observing sanitary and safety procedures in the kitchen.

  1. Good Posture. Good posture reduces muscle strain and delays or avoid the feeling of tiredness. This is achieved by sitting and standing in a comfortable manner. When you work in a kitchen most of the time, you are in a standing position. Good posture will be hard to achieve unless the height of the work centers are right for you. The best height for work centers is where you do not have to raise your arms at the shoulders and bend your back to accomplish a work. You can also do things seated. The chair and stool you use should be at height that will not require you to sit on in a relaxed position with enough space for your knees beneath the counter or table.

  2. Orderliness. Working in an orderly and clean manner is a good habit to develop. This will enable you to save time and energy trying to find things that you have kept somewhere but having a hard time locating them back.

  3. Motions. When we prepare meals, we are into a lot of walking, stooping, lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing, stirring, holding, beating and seasoning. All these use up a certain amount of energy. Using a service tray to carry foods from one work center to another will save time and energy by cutting of unnecessary trips. Arranging things within easy reach, using the appropriate equipment and utensils and assigning a place for things needed in the kitchen are all ways towards reducing fatigue and achieving efficiency in the kitchen.
  4. Dovetailing activities. These refer to fitting together various steps to save time and energy. Examples of activities that have been dovetailed are: as water is heated to boiling, pare potatoes: as soup is heating for lunch, prepare the table; while clearing up after dinner, prepare sandwiches for snack in school. Short cuts are also sure to cut down on time and energy. Examples are: preparing dish meals, putting left over into containers where they could be reheated, cooking food enough for two meals, etc.
  5. Safe work habits. The kitchen is known to be the most dangerous place in the house because many home accidents happen here. Safety kitchen procedures were also important to know but i post and discussed it in some other day since beginning today i will be very busy. Let us review these again maybe after Christmas.Merry Christmas again to All.

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Sketch when words fail

Hey guy's don't you know that not all ideas can be put into words, pictures and diagrams. Or can be help visualized the problem better, and let you see the situation and the elements is relation to each other. Try to think it deep .

Planning to Buy Quality compressor

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Color Combination

Make it a new personal rule to plan your color scheme before you buy anything. What colors should you use? The different color schemes discussed earlier will provide you with the necessary information to come up with a well thought-of-color combination. A general rule to follow in decorating a room is to come up with a floor plan, furniture and color scheme at the same time. The room arrangement together with the furniture will have an effect on the colors that you will choose. For example, furniture made of plastic or metal may suggest bright and bold colors while traditional furniture may suggest pastel or earthly tones. The color scheme that you will choose now is not a permanent one. This will change depending on your personal tastes as well as the needs and preferences of the members of the family.

Let Christmas Begin in your Heart

Christmas is very soon coming.....Let christmas begins in our heart-that secret silent place where you've preserved your treasured memories of holidays past. Reflect on tose memories. Cherish them and rejoice in them. Only then will you be able to celebrate this years holiday with a renewed spirit.

Christmas will treasure your holiday memories and recognize God's presence in even the most ordinary of them. And let straight from the heart for christmas spark a fire of festive holiday memories that will keep you warm on the coldest winter night.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year To All.........

The flag of the U.S

The 50-star flag of the United States was raised for the first time officially at 12:01 a.m .on July 4,1960,at fort McHenry National Monument in Baltimore,Md.The 50th star had been added for Hawaii; a year earlier the 49th,for Alaska.Before that,no star had been added since 1912,when N.M.and ariz.were admitted to the Union.

History of the Flag

The true history of the star and Stripes has become so cluttered by a volume of myth and tradition that the facts are difficult ,and in some cases impossible,to establish.For example,it is not certain who designed the Star and Stripes,who made the first such flag,or even weather it ever flew in any sea fight or land battle of the American Revolution.

One thing all agree on is that the Star and Stripes originated as the result of a resolution offered by the marine Committee of the second Continental Congress at Philadelphia and adopted June 14,1777.It read:

Resolved:that the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes,alternate red and white;that the union be thirteen star,white in a blue field,representing a new constellation.

Congress gave no hint as to the designer of the flag,no instruction as to the arrangement of the star,and no information on its appropriate uses.historians have been unable to find the original flag law.The resolution establishing the flag was not even publishing until Sept.2 1777.Despite repeated request,Washington did not get the flag until 1783,after the Revolutionary War was over.And there is no certainty that they were the Star and Stripes.

The Statue of Liberty, New York, U.S.A.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the American people From the people of France. It was made by the Frence sculpture, Frederic Auguste Bartholde, to celebrate the one hundredth anneversary of American independent.

The statue is called ''Liberty Enlightening the World''.It shows the figure of a woman in flowing robes, standing among broken chains. She is holding a torch in her uplifted right hand. In her left hand is a law book on which is inscribed''July 4, 1776,''the date of the American declaration of Independence. A light shines out from the torch and the statue is floodlit at night.

And more to know guys this statue weihgs 225 tones and it measures 46 meters high to the top of the torch. It stands on a pedestal, or base which rises 47 metrs from the ground. You know that thousands of people visit the Statue of Liberty every year. An elevator inside takes visitors to the bottom of the statue. They walk up 168 steps inside the statue to the head, where they can look out.

On a plaque at the entrance to the statue are verses by the American poet, Emma Lazarus. They read in part:

Give me your tired,your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breaht free,
The wretched refuse of your
teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless,
tempest-tossed to me,
I left my lamp beside the golden door.
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Making The Home

Making the Home functional and beautiful is a responsibility of every member of the family. This responsibility becomes difficult when all the family members are pre-occupied with many things outside the home. Therefore, it is necessary that the house and everything in it is arranged in every functional manner and in a way that will make cleaning and caring easier.


There are times when you do things by force of habit. Habits are not at all bad. In fact, they are important and quite useful. They spare you of having to think about every single thing you do everyday. However, habits could be disastrous sometimes. Suppose you are used to studying your lessons as soon as you get home from school. Unluckily, there is a new brownout schedule in your place which falls exactly on your study time. This gives you a hard time adjusting, but you have no choice except to develop a new habit a new plan of action.

Planning Meals To Fit The Family

When planning meals for the family, the needs of each family member should be considered. The special needs of the children, the pregnant mother and the elderly can be easily provided for by modifying a little the basic menus. Planning will enable the homemaker to serve with minimum preparation. yet, nutritious and attractive. Choose preparations that are easy to digest for children and the elderly, such as broiled, roasted and steamed. They are more suitable for all ages.

We Can Believe and have eternal life

Jesus went on to say,"... so that everyone who has faith in him (Jesus) will have eternal life and never really die." When we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins, God will count his death in place of ours. At the same time, we need to promise to love and obey him with all our hearts from now on. When we do this, Jesus become best friend ever!

But that's not all. Jesus has promised eternal life in Heaven to everyone who believes in him. That's why he said,"There are many rooms in my father's house ... I am going to prepare a place for each of you. After I have done this, I will come back and take you with me. Then we will be together."
Wow! That's a promise you don't want to miss!

Cultural Influences

The term culture is define as a system where a group of people shares similar values such as: common ways of doing things, common beliefs of right and wrong, common nations of how things should be, and to a certain extent, common perceptions of what is beautiful and ugly. These are passed on from generation to generation and are usually preserved especially when families go and live in other countries.This is the reason why we have what is known as China town in Binondo, Manila and other places all over the country where people of different cultures group themselves. Filipinos too, do the same when they immigrate to other countries like the United States.

If we go back to the older times, even our primate ancestor regarded the as more than a shelter for physical comfort. For them, it was a symbol of an ideal life, limited by culture, and form out of goals and values common among the people that live in it.

At present, practices, attitude and values related to humans basic activities such as eating, bathing, sleeping and socializing assume a big role in the design of eating, sleeping, and entertaining areas,and bathing facilities. The Japanese people sleep and sit on pillows close to the floor while Filipinos sit on chairs and sleep in beds.

Psychological Effects

" A living space should contribute positively to the comfort and efficiency of which activities take place with in it." In a living room, for example, furniture and other furnishings should be organized to produce the proper atmosphere for an easy and friendly social interaction among family members, relatives and friends . In the dining room, care should be given so that the surrounding area promotes the proper ambiance for a relaxing, entertaining and enjoyable meals. In the bedroom, sufficient lightning and adequate provisions for privacy will contribute greatly to the effective and efficient use of the space.


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Attributes of Housing Adequacy

Our homes today play a critical role in our lives. They provide us shelter and protect us from physical harm, nurture our growth, enhance our development,provide us refuge against uncertainties and shield us from stress of the outside world,give us a feeling of control over our immediate environment,promote the dvelopment of our potentials, and serve us and outlet for our creative/imaginative self expression.

The we call our own, where we spend most of our social and private living is invariable in our changing world.It has become and continues to be very important in our lives.The building or structure, as well us the geographical location,may change many times during our lives.However, the idea of the home as a place where our basic needs are answered and provide for will remain unchanging.

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Knowing What's New In Me

Look here and there, my friends,
Many things to grasp and learn.
Read, think, analyze, and comprehend,
Ready to absorb the knowledge at hand.
After surviving typhoon Ondoy,
There is a lesson on it.
The lesson for me is that we should always prepare for everything.
And show love ,kindness and be helpfull to others that is in need, and to all of our love ones,
While we still alive.


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A Short History

Since National elections is very soon to come did you know that THOMAS EDISON invented the first legislative voting machine in 1868.Elections voting machines developed more slowly. the first practical voting machine used in an actual election was put into service in Lockport, New York, in 1892.Manufacture and distribution of voting machines has continued steadilysince that time. The machines are in use in more than 3/4's of the states. Many states now require the use of voting machines in all elections, including primaries.

The United States was the first country to conduct elections by machines in the 1960's. Still other countries are engaged in research on their use.

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Thinking Too Hard

Thinking too hard about a problem can make it harder to find a solution. Stop trying, take a break, go for a walk, play a game, and take a nap.

A change of pace or a change of scenery can often change your perspective.

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We Are All One in the Eyes of God

Every child of God, including my self, is hoping that we love one another,including the unlovable among us.If that is accomplished,whatever problem that will come to us will be considered as a spice of life.

I want to forgive and forget the wrong done for me.

We are praying the family rosary every 6:00 pm everyday for every family peace and for world peace.The salvation of souls and believe it or not.

I will be more caring, loving towards my husband, childrens and to my whole family.

Downshift Lifestyle

Many people desire to simplify their lives, work part time as an insurance agent or as a teacher after being separated or retired.

They may also desire to pursue their passions the challenge is to live with in one's means-consisting mainly of proceeds from the investment of their funds and from the part time

I Appreciate

Hi! to everyone, my friends, best of friends like Madel, my all co-bloggers in this world of blogosphere. And to all my visitors. I am glad when I open my blogs today I'm surprise, so surprising, not expecting. My 2 blogs are top Valenzuela blog in the Philippines for today.

Very great, am so very happy thanks to my valenzuela philippines people, co-bloggers, friends and visitors.

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Honest Talk

I am glad i merely contributed things here in blog like advising and giving things to all. And also am so glad that some are gladly accept and taking our advise to take care of their self heatedly.

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Your Babies Ideal First Solid Food

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Staying Healthy

Any person can have good health if he goes about it in the right way. Good Health is not a gift to favored few. Health is the intended state for all and can be achived.

Breakfast should not be missed. Have a good rights rest and sleep, get up early and sit down to an enjoyable healthy breakfast.

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Learning the Life of an Eagles

You know, Eagles are large birds of Prey. Most of them hunts small mammals and birds. Some catch fish or reptiles. The happy eagle and the Philippine Eagle catch monkeys. Each of the great birds measures more than two meters across its outspread wings. These Eagles are the largest in the world.

Many eagles sore high above the ground. Others perch on a tree or rock. When an eagle sees its prey it swoops suddenly and pounches. It seizes its prey with its sharp claws or tears off pieces of flesh and strong, hooked beak.

Facing A Challenge

What comes to mind when you hear the word success? Do you know a successful person?

Poverty is not a hindrance to success. Despite being poor, some became a successful businessman because of hard work and perseverance.


It is almost always difficult to accept the death of a loved one. Those left behind ask why it happened to them and to people they loved so much. Learning to accept death as a natural occurence or an unavoidable part of life is one of the hardest adjustment the family has to undergo.

Death in the family becomes a time for more understanding, loving, supporting and comporting. The strengthened bond between family members makes grief easier to handle and helps to point out that there is a whole lot more to live.


The term beauty is a very subjective term. What is beautiful to one person may not be to another. It encompasses all things that "please the senses and lift the spirits" and is conditioned by time and culture.

Every individual possesses an innate need for the sensory for stimulation that beauty provides. Even our primate ancestors spent time and effort in beautifying their surroundings. To many people, the process and the result of beautifying their homes brings a feeling of happiness, pleasure and fulfillment. In fact, the home is the only place where a person, guided by a working knowledge of the elements and principles of design, can freely experiment and express his/her own idea of beauty.


To all my new friends that links me already, sorry for not updating my blog now to add your link also. May be next time if I have a long running time to update .Please forgive me now I just only do a visit and check my blogs by reading all your message so that next time I know already what should I do first. Sorry again see you around next time .


Hi, to Everyone Specially to all my co blogger. Its been long time that I was not here. Since now I have a little time to post here I would like first to Greet everyone even though its late. But even late its better than never di ba? he,,,, he..... he.....

May all of us have a great vacation last Christmas season. And Happy New Year to All.........Just a short message only because as of now I don't know what to do in our life now, were full of trials and circumstances since I have no work beginning last month of July 2008 until now. But am still looking forward that one day God will give us blessings like I can have work again. Hope so ....God please grant my prayer....

Hi to Madel mads sorry to bother you always... Hope your in Good health and wealth ....Happy New Year to all of your family circle and to all of my friends here in blogoshere. Sorry not to mention your names co'z if I mention it takes me a long running time sa dami ninyo. Bye to everyone hope to here you soon If God will let my family recover of what we have now.I feel very bad and its very hard to recover. Please also pray for us .......

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