The Rights of our Children

As Parents sometimes we forget that our children are growing and expanding their horizons. For many parents like us, parenting is the most important stage in our siblings lives. It gives them a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Our feelings sometimes result to selfishness and inability to let go of our children. We have the tendency to become overly protective. We do not allow our children to learn from their mistakes. We hate to see our children make their own decisions for fear that such decisions will only disappoint them. Although we know that love is a feeling that binds together our family members. A family that recognizes and respects one another, even if we sometimes see things quite differently, is united by understanding and affection.
Any claim that is due to a person is known as right. These rights are embodied in the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines, article XV, Section 3. It states that '' The state shall defend they right of children to assistance, including proper care and nutrition and special protection from all forms of neglect, abuse, cruelty, exploitation and other conditions prejudicial to their development. The rights of children are summarized as the right to: education commensurate with his abilities and to the development of his skills for the improvement of his capability for service to himself and his fellowmen;

2. full opportunities for safe and wholesome recreation and activities, individual, as well as social, for the wholesome use of his leisure hours.

3. protection against exploitation, improper influences, hazards and other conditions or circumstances prejudicial to his /her physical, mental, emotional, social and moral development;4. live in a community and society that can offer them an environment free from pernicious influences and conducive to the promotion of their health and the cultivation of their desirable traits and attributes;

5. the care assistance and the protection of the state, particularly when their parents or guardians fail or unable to provide the with the fundamental needs for growth, development and improvement;

6. an efficient and honest government that will deepen their faith in democracy and inspire them with the morality of the constituted authorities both in their public and private lives;

7. grow up as free individual, in an atmosphere of peace, understanding, tolerance, and universal brotherhood, with the determination to contribute their share in the building of a better world. (Hay naku haba ata ng nasulat ko with article pa ito) heheheheh...have a nice day to all.....

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