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The parents new job or new assignment may require the family to move to a new place. Although the family understands the need to move, moving is always a difficult thing to do.

Moving means adjusting to many changes at once. The family may gain new friends, but the idea of leaving or even giving up their old friend is quite painful for them. They also have to adjust to new customs and attitudes of the community which may be quite difficult at first.

Moving, on the other hand, may bring about a closer relationship among family members. They will have to relay on than they usually do, because making friends takes time.

Coping with changes in the family

Things are very different now in our family. I could hardly remember what we were like before. When we came home from school, Mom was there waiting for us.She always listened eagerly to our stories, we chatted, and we help her prepare dinner just before Dad came home.On Saturdays, we did the household chores and on Sundays, we went out on picnics or watched movies.

Now that Mom is working and Dad is becoming more busy with business, we hardly do things as a family.This are changes in the family that come gradually giving enough time for the members to adjust and get used to them. As they grow and approached maturity,we also undergo a lot of changes. We accept new responsibilities, new roles, and even new family members, by affiliation or by birth.

There are times though, when we are confronted with sudden changes which could be very difficult to deal with. Every member of the family must find ways to get along well. Changes in life can not be avoided. They are a necessary part of life, and we must learn to adjust to them constructively, effectively, and creatively.

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''Your no good for everything'' Have you ever been told this?
''I'm Ugly''
''I'm no good at sports. Not good in school either,''
''How can anyone love me? I'm not worth it!''
Have you ever thought this?
K guy's looked in the mirror and wish you were someone else? If you answer yes, your in the majority. Probably everyone who has ever lived wished that they could change at least one thing about themselves: their nose, their height, their personality-- something.

Looks, Money, Possessions, Popularity. They all have one thing in common; they're not guaranteed. Even if we have them, they're all temporary. When our self worth relies on the outward aspects of our life, happiness and fulfilment will always be short lived.

True worth can only be measured by seeing ourselves through God our creators eyes. How much value does he place on your life? Did you know that God loves you just as much as he loves his own son Jesus! You can't get any more valuable than that! Check it out.....

Asking Favor

I got this short message from my online friend from ym. He ask me a favor to spread this short message to His fellow Indians. Here are the words----Indians are poor---but India is not a poor country -says 1 of the Swiss Bank director, He says that 108 lac cores Indian money deposited in Swiss Bank. The same money can be use for tax less budget for 30 yrs. and also can give jobs to all Indians ;and can give free education to all Indians. Think how our money blocked by Politicians and Richie's.....?? We have full right to fight against Politicians.

And to those Indians who can read this short message please forward this message to all of your fellowmen.

K friends done spreading this short message .... Anyway have a nice weekend to all of my fellow blogger ,visitors and friends......

Fostering Family Relations through Recreational Activities

The family that plays together, stays together. A happy family relation is built around doing things together. Yes guy's ,recreational activities that are enjoyed by the family as a whole or by different members playing together foster a closer and more pleasant family relationship.

Our family members play different roles and perform various responsibilities inside and outside of our home. These may bring about tensions and feelings of tiredness, boredom, and similar negative feelings. You know how to release these negative feelings? well for me guy's it can be released through different forms of recreation--either by games, sports, backyard gardening , projects, listening to music, watching plays, television or movies, going out for picnics, and other activities where every family members takes an active part.

Recreation is define as ''any form of activity in which the individual feels a sense of freedom and o self-forgetfulness and to which he/she gives himself/herself wholeheartedly because of the satisfaction he/ she gains by participating''. This definition emphasizes on the ''how'' rather than the '' what'' . It does not really matter as long as this activity brings about real satisfaction for every member and the family as a whole.

Like when our children step into the adolescent period, they drop some family activities in favor of doing more with their age group. But completely pulling away from these family activities would mean missing important values in personal and family living. Here some of these values.

1. Enhancing sense of companionship through family participation in different forms of recreational activities.

2. Enriching communication skills through family discussion of news events, current issues like pollution, and forest degradation , latest technology , political issues and other observations about life.
3. Acquiring skills in entertaining friends, relatives and guest, in which planning and implementing are shared by the whole family.
4. Acquiring values social skills for global social situations like accepting decisions open-mindedly, courtesy and and enhancing skills in sports, dealing with people, and etc.
5. Enriching experiences through family trips and vacations to other places. But for us we did not do this because of financial issue.
6. Doing social action activities with identified or establish civic groups.
7. Enjoying the satisfaction derived from giving and receiving surprises during significant occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays and other expected or unexpected celebrations. Hay ang haba ata ng naisip kong isulat , sakit ng daliri ko tuloy.......he hehe

Enrichment Activities

Ok guy's last June 6, I post about the mutual needs of Parents and Teenagers. Now i don't think what I've suppose to post to so let us just make a fun for my last post. This are all about my last post. Anyway guy's this is not just fun but also we pick something to learn.

Here it is.....Answer just what you think .........
1. What is privacy? How does it affect your sense of self worth?
2. What are some teenager behavior that irritate parents? How can avoid these irritant so that you and your parents or else your children will have a better ''parent-children''relationship? List these irritants and how you can avoid them.

Guy's isn't just funny or have something to learn ? Here are some more questions.
3. How can we establish a happy and healthy family relationship? List the things that you can do in your own capacity as a teenager or parents.
4. What are your needs? What are your parents needs? List them down.

My brief discussion but have also a questions to answer.
Brainstorm on the most frequent situations in which teenagers feel that they are not understood by their parents. This is also at what stage do these misunderstandings happen?
Over what kind of issues ?List them also.( Are you enjoying my brief fun things to learn guy's? Well its up to you to pick it up.....Thanks for reading......

Social Spark

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Mutual Needs of Parents and Teenagers

We as Parents are growing too, just like our children. It maybe surprising to know that we have the same needs. Let us take a look at some of our children needs and compare to us.....

Teenager's Needs
1.Encouragement to do things and be themselves
2. Appreciation for effort shown
3. Respect for your thing
4. Privacy
5. Guidance
6. Shared responsibilities
7. Support and a happy home
8. Love and affection and trust
9. A certain degree of freedom
10. Respect for themselves as person

Parent's needs
1. Encouragement to do things and be ourselves
2. Appreciation for effort shown
3. Respect for their things
4. Privacy
5. Teenager's ideas
6. Participation in family activities in and out of the home
7. Shared responsibility for the home
8. Love and affection and trust
9. A chance to be consulted for future plans
10. Respect for ourselves as person

Are you surprised to know that our needs and those of our children are mutual? Now that you are aware of these needs which you can help to satisfy, would you be willing to do your share to make your relationships healthier and our home a better place to live in?

During our adolescent stage, our parents and us have to be patient with each other. Because our parents are human beings just like you. They are bound to commit mistakes. Having to cope with the idea that their children are growing fast is never an easy job for them just like today we also now a parents. You know guys daughters ,children's the sooner you show your parents that you are learning from your mistakes, as well as your successes, the sooner they become more patient with you. And the sooner you/we realize that your our parents too, have needs you/ we can satisfy, the sooner you/we find interaction more meaningful.

Yes guys this is true. Try to think and know about this................

First and Last

Got this tag from dear friend Eds thanks eds

Participants: Me and Mine Creative In Me Little Peanut Pea in a Pod Sugar Magnolias When Silence Speaks Etc Atbp Supermodel Wannabe FunFierceFaboulous A Sweet Taste of Life My Simple Joys In This Game of Life Scribbles of My Life malditang bunso's journal Hailey's Domain Hailey's Beats And Bits ColorfulWorldofShiela Life is Wonderful to Know Everyday
Philippine History and Government

*First real job: Food Attendant
* First screen name: thata
* First funeral: Can't remember na eh
* First pet: A cat, and dog
* First piercing: Ear piercing
* First tattoo: I dont have . I don't really like tatto if I see someone has I feel and think about that he is like galing kulungan or addict.
* First credit card: Visa : Mastercard
* First kiss: Secret na lang kasi I don't like to mention it.
* First enemy: Di ko na rin maalala. Kasi di me mahilig makipag-away. Tahimik lang me sa isang sulok.
* Last car ride: Our own FX.
* Last kiss: siyempre my hubby
I am tagging Mamichris, Nanay, Petra, Joy and Kate

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