Behavioral Traits of Adolescents

1. They are happy at time but become moody for some reason or another.

2. Teenagers want to prove their independence.

3. Adolescents tend to irritable and restless.

4. Teenagers appreciate their parents help, but they prefer to do things by themselves.

5. Adolescents are inquisitive.

6. Teenagers become aware of differences in boy-girl relationship.

7. They are mostly ambitious and idealistic.

8. Adolescents lend to very independent and permissive which open times cause conflict and age gap.

9. Teenagers are self-centered and are concerned much about themselves.

Planting Procedure & Techniques In The Fruit Crop

----> The first thing to consider when planting is the site. In locating the position of the trees.

The fruit grower should keep in mind the exposure of the trees.

*Factors To Consider in Exposing The Trees.

1. Trees should not be exposing to wind.
2. A north or northeast slope is preferred to keep the soil cool during warm days and during the cold season.
3. Trees placed on the southern slope will not blossom prematurely.
4. The north slope provides air drainage which will protect plants from strong wind and rain.
(5.) .4 General method- this is widely used by most in the orchard or plantation.
1. Square Method- this is widely used by most fruit & tree growers.
2. Quincunx Method- this is like the square Method with a trees in the center of each of the square.
3. Rectangular Method- the square Method is modified by making the rows farther last lowest & from north to south.
4. Hexagonal Method- each trees stand in the center of hexagon formed by six trees of equal distance from each other.

Factors to Consider In Planning Needs For Lunch And Supper

Property Planned Meals is important because of the ff.

1. They ensure, adequate Nutrition for all.

2. Available resources such as money, food supplies and fuel are being maximized.

4. Varied appetizing Meals are served.

Factors to Consider in Planning Meals

1. Food Needs - The needs of family members vary with sex and activity.

2. Food Budget - The income of the family determines the amt. to be spent on food.

3. Time - delayed meals spoil the appetite.

4. Meal Pattern

Suggested Meals For Lunch and Supper


Beef Sinigang
Sweetened Banana


Meat Balls
Fish w/ Misua


Fish Sarciado
Souteed Green


Ripe Mango



Fish Capture

There are several methods of Fish Capture
1. Collecting by Hand - done along the shore during edbtide in swallow water or in deeper water by divers lised for collecting pearl oyster ,corals etc.
2. Line Fishing - use a bait or lure to attract and hold the fish.
3. Trapping - small basket-like or cage-like tray made of wood, netting wire or plastic nets.
4. Bag nets - small crops nets big straw. Nets with wings anchored or boats or vessels.
5. Dragged Gear - drags the fishing gear in a shallow water.
6. Use of Pursesein - fish are surrounded by preventing them from escaping.
7. Gill Netting - Nets anchosed or fixed by stakes and allowed to drifts freely w/ or without the fishing but.
8. uses of Harvesting Machines
9. Draining - usually used in fresh water fish pours.

Mgt. Practice

Raising Swine

  1. Feeling of geed pigs that are being fattened shld. be done twice a day.
  2. In selecting the stock the best pig available be selected.
  3. Choose a pig which will gain with the least feed.
  4. The right kind of feed in the right amt. is needed. The amt. of feed the animal eats in a 24 hour period is known as ration.
  5. Proper sanitation shld. be praticed.
Beef Cattle fattening
There are two methods of raising Beef Cattle
1. Fattening them on dry lots consisting.
2. By Feeding them for 3-5 mons. on grass.

In selecting breeder for Fattening the ff. pointers shld. be considered
1. Age
2. sex
3. Health
4. Body Built
5. Tendencies

Qualities of True Friendship

1. Trust - is a conditioned characterized by full confidence of a person on the integrity.

2. Honesty - Denotes a quality by being truthful.

3. Respect and Consideration - respect or esteem for a friend.

4. Loyalty - is the feeling of devoted attachment and affection towards a friend or one's family.

5. Concern - Showing thoughtfulness

6. Caring - Showing a person your concern, your compassion for a friend and being thoughtful and generous.

Selecting Business Opportunities

Selecting the right product is tantamount to winning the battle as far as business feasibility and profitability are concerned. Being able to select the right business opportunity and seeing through the various activities of the business, increase the probability of success in small scale businesses. Likewise, if the entrepreneur is not careful in the selection of products or services for his/her business, there would be a strong possibility of failure.

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