Scientists Predict More Floods, Droughts

Scientists Have Predicted That Climate Change

Am so scared if it is really happen. In coming decades will cause more floodings in the Northern Hemisphere and droughts in some southern and arid zone.

In addition, they said that some areas around the Mediterranean, parts of southern Africa, Noreastern Brazil and the Western U.S. region will likely suffer water shortages.

Rajendra Pachauri, the chief U.N. climate scientists, at the end of a meeting in Budapest that the rising frequency and intensity of floods and droughts could lead to a food crisis.

We may see a declined in agriculture production,'' said Pachauri,who is also chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) , which shared last year's Novel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore.

An IPCC report presented at the meeting said the declined of water quantity and quality would lead to shortages of water for drinking and agriculture.

Millions of Africans could be afflicted by such water problems by 2020, unless action is taken to mitigate climate change, experts said.

While the proportion of heavy rainfalls will very likely increase, so will the areas simultaneously affected by extreme droughts. Oh my God Don't let it happen please.

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