A New you this summer

Whenever the topic of change is brought up in conversations, many people tend to balk at the idea. Those who wants change almost give up simply because what may otherwise be a challenge becomes a chore to us.

How to begin:

1. Remove whatever stumbling blocks there may be. More Often than not, the root cause of immobility or inability to get started is fear of failure. Let us do some housekeeping in that part of
our self that says,'' I can or I cannot''.

2. Make a list of the dreams, plans/projects, targets we have set for yourself. The best and only judge of your choices is yourself. So, decide what plans to put on hold and what dreams need manifesting. It doesn't matter whether they are simple (like dancing) or complicated (like sky diving). Whats important is how highly you regard it. Place a deadline or actual date of completion of your dream.

3. Go on a new kind of diet. Starve yourself if you must from the following: anger, bitterness, jealousy, hate. Instead, feed on forgiveness,
reconciliation, love, optimism.

Here's an inner cleansing regimen we can do. If you need to ask
forgiveness from someone but too ashamed to face him, do this. Go to a quite corner, close your eyes, focus on the person who has wronged you or whom you have wronged. Imagine him/ her before you. Now ask for forgiveness. This soul to soul reaching out is effective. Soon, you will sense a change in the other party's behavior towards you. Just try after you will fell fresh and very comfortable.

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