Enhancing Family Communications

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other happy family occasions bring about pleasant family associations. These are occasions that are continually celebrated by the family and bring about many pleasant memories, as each family member looks back to the past and in the future. The activity is not important. It could be as simple as dinning out on our backyard with hubby's cooking, or giving a surprise dinner for the whole family one Saturday night. It could be one big family celebration like a birthday party, a wedding anniversary as Mom and Dad, a Christmas dinner with all the members of the family attending and pitching to make it a grand affair.

As they grow older, they will remember how things used to be with your family. This becomes one precious heritage built by the years of meaningful interaction between us and our love ones (as parents and other family members). Things like this just do not happen. They happen because we are willing to make it happen. Remember what we do together today is what we will look back tomorrow either with pleasant memories or with much regret. These will also have a bearing on how our children's or love ones will handle their own family in the future. hmmm, sarrrap ng feeling ,delicioussss Love this photo hm... how sweet ...

1 Response to "Enhancing Family Communications"

  1. RickaVieves says:
    April 7, 2008 at 5:41 AM

    nice photos :-) happy family :-)

    anyway, thnx for the hop :-)

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