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Filipino Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

The first thing that come to our mind when we talk of Hong Kong are our Overseas Filipino Workers, but never about the Filipino Entrepreneurs.

Well, if you want to see Filipino ingenuity,come to Hong Kong. If Business districts like traders,go to the Hong Kong side specially the Central district and you will find Filipino's by the hundreds of them, engaged in a business of their own.They are also in North Pointe, New Territories and areas like Admiralty and Causeway Bay.

It is nice to study the guts and the entrepreneurial spirit this workers to do start their second business yet in a foreign land. Many of this have probably not heard what a Business Plan is, much more writing them. What i know they have is the Idea of the business and knows exactly how to start and operate one. The rest is what is popularly known as risk taking.

Next time you will be in Hong Kong , see our Filipino Entrepreneurs. You will be amazed how good are they in Marketing when nobody among them has probably gone to a Marketing school. You will be surprised how fast they know about things like Cash Flow, Working Capital, and the value of Saving just be observing others. And lastly, imagine these Entrepreneurs competing head on with the Local Chinese in the retail channel?

To these Filipino Entrepreneurs, Cheers May your tribe increase.

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