Looking Forward to Labor Day

Difficult times should inspire the organizers of this year's Labor Day celebration to rally around one word: Comparison.
Comparison is different from mercy. Comparison is all about caring from each other, giving back and paying forward-inspired only by the desire to be kind, do good, and to simply matter. Soaring prices punctuate our meager incomes, hence the desperate need for unity against adversity, for the "haves" to start helping the "never-haves."

The choice of working man between a hot bowl of lugaw in the local carinderia or two pan de sals dipped in a cup of coffee before returning to work has been weighed down by inflation and stagnant incomes. This is the reality that should motivate government to look at the humanitarian aspects of working in the country, with truth and compassion. The people who would be celebrating Labor Day - the daily wage earners, salaried employers - these are the Filipinos who choose to stay, to keep their families intact, to hold up the economic sky of our country from within its shores.

What can the government say to them on Labor Day? When the world is at a crisis, leaders are called upon to be more specific; to use their authority to solve real problems and bring hope to the people. Labor Day sets the stage for innovative, bold, and compassionate leadership.

If it were left to me to write the President's speech, this is what I would say:

"In every speech I have delivered I always hammered on the message of a strong economy.

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