Baby on Board

What to do when traveling with our Baby

For each trip, we as parents should have two checklists. First is for the actual travel which will include items needing quick access.
A second checklist is for items that can be packed and will only be needed upon arrival at the destination.
The following things, will help us as parents decide which to include in the checklists:

1.First Aid Kit It is important to have the infant checked by a pediatrician before the trip. This will ensure that the baby's first aid kit.

2.Enough food, water and milk for the trip.

3.Feeding bottles/utensils/equipment. A breastfeed mom will have a great advantage here as she does not have to bring a lot to feed her baby.

4.Diapers. Enough to get you through the expected travel time, times two.


6.Hand sanitizers or alcohol.

7.Disposable diaper toss bags. These will become handy when you're in a place where you cannot easily dispose of a diaper.

8.Enough clothes plus extra. Attire should be appropriate for the weather you will be traveling through. We parents should bring spare clothes for themselves too.

9.Baby's blanket. Its familiar scent will be reassuring.

10.A favorite toy or book to keep them occupied.

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