Scaping my duty

Hi, hello friends and readers.. just got from a general practice for the grade six graduation of my dearest daughter. This coming Monday is their graduation day, you know guys i only scape from duty here in Internet cafe at around 2:30 this afternoon until 6:10 in the evening . While at the school I'm worried about what's happening here in Internet cafe co'z i left my younger daughter and my nephew for about more or less 4 hours. And you know guys i did not ask permission to my employer. All i know is tomorrow but when my daughter came this afternoon she said that the general practice was now and not tomorrow. Can't ask permission to my employer co'z they are sleeping upstairs so what i did, i call my 16 yrs. old nephew to assist my youngest. I thought the practice will finish early but my God it took long time. I'm really bothered what if I'm arrived my employer was there and was very angry with me. Hay......thanks God when i came back they are still upstairs he.. he.. he maybe they sleep deeply. Deep inside I'm happy but thinking not to scape again or else I'll be fire..............Hayyyyyy.... friends i don't want to lose my work . Life here in Philippines you know a couple must both have work. So that earnings will be enough for our family. While practising i was pray and pray and pray......Thanks God .. I Really really thanks God......You friends don't do like what i did.

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