For me individuality is defined as ''the personification of characteristics that make each of us distinctive.'' Every person is a special human being for me, a unique individual. People are use to saying ''individuals'' and yet they may not know or understand what it means exactly. Imagine our friend who qualifies in your mind as being distinctive. Try to describe her and see what makes her different from our other friends.
A thorough knowledge of oneself
is very important to us to the expression of individuality. Understanding the real we is indeed a difficult task which need much thing and analyzing. Lets try asking our self these questions. They prove to be quite helpful in making things easier for young ladies and gentlemen like us.
1.Who am i?
2.What are my commitments?
3.What are my obligations and responsibilities?
4.What are my priorities?
5.What are my expectations?
6.What lifestyles make me comfortable?
7.What are my strengths?
8.What are my weaknesses?
9.What do i want from life?
10.What am i ready to give in return?
If someone in this world is to understand us, that someone should be you.Self-knowledge is the ''cornerstone of mental health and is essential to the expression of true individuality.

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