My Daughters Graduation Day Today

After 8 yrs of pursuing from daycare, kindergarten, grade one to six, now is my beloved daughters graduation day. ammhhhhh ...I feel like I'm the one who would graduate today.

I'm excited....refreshing to look back my old days .This occasion is very excited. Graduation in grade six is not the end but rather the beginning of a journey to infinite possibilities and opportunities. Always bear in mind that faith, hard work, determination, and fair play are keys to success.

Never forget the wise guidance of our parents, the patience and persistence of our teachers who constantly inspire us to pursue our ambitions. We are now where we are because of our investment and the full support of our family and our community. Soon my daughter will join the multitude of aspiring Filipinos who will run the economy. um
umhhhhhhh... hope so God Well.....take the helm of government and raise the next generation. To all graduates not only my daughter but to all..... continue to learn and build your capacity to empower yourself and help push the country forward.

Again congratulations
Graduate of Batch 2007-2008.

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