Last march 14, my youngest daughter was chosen to participate a dance presentation on that day. Hubby was out of town that day so i was force to absent in my work, half day on the same day, just to accompanied my youngest on the event, i bring our video cam but I'm not familiar to use it carefully so my older daughter did, she know how to handle w/care than me. While seeing her getting pic on her sister deep inside i was feel happy to know that my daughter was smart enough to handle a situation like this. It is Because my hubby teach them how to use so that if time comes that she's only the one having time to accompanied her sister she know what should she do if necessary. And we always re mine them that they should know how to be independent even at their young age. Big or small things at their young age they should begin to learn. Even cooking my two children know already but not the heavy one, just light. Co'z you know guys and friends we don't know what will might be happen to us as their parents today or tomorrow. Like sometime my two beautiful ladies are in the house, and i can't cook sometimes for their food for the whole day .I don't want them to be hungry while we're not at home.So far they can buy cook food outside but I'm worried about for their health, you know friends sometimes we don't know that the food we buy is not clean, like they are cooking at a Missy place or kitchen. Anyway here are some pic that my older daughter shots. Right side her teacher.
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