Got good news today. My daughter is chosen as top 2, she's now grade six graduating class. It was shocking we don't expect it. Her teacher and classmate requested a blowout. Well fine my daughter deserve it. Hope at high school she will earn more. We're very proud of her. Hope then that my youngest earn again like her sister. I remember when my youngest is in kinder until grade one she earn 4-5 medals but now no more .Always playing games at our PC. And me as a mother i always re mine her to pls study hard. Use computer for studying not for always playing. Sad to say from grade 2 until now she is grade 4 she doesn't earn anymore for her studies. Hope next year she will be more serious for her study co'z she will be grade 5 next schooling.By the way this is my daughters pic. Proud to be her mother.

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