Planting Procedure & Techniques In The Fruit Crop

----> The first thing to consider when planting is the site. In locating the position of the trees.

The fruit grower should keep in mind the exposure of the trees.

*Factors To Consider in Exposing The Trees.

1. Trees should not be exposing to wind.
2. A north or northeast slope is preferred to keep the soil cool during warm days and during the cold season.
3. Trees placed on the southern slope will not blossom prematurely.
4. The north slope provides air drainage which will protect plants from strong wind and rain.
(5.) .4 General method- this is widely used by most in the orchard or plantation.
1. Square Method- this is widely used by most fruit & tree growers.
2. Quincunx Method- this is like the square Method with a trees in the center of each of the square.
3. Rectangular Method- the square Method is modified by making the rows farther last lowest & from north to south.
4. Hexagonal Method- each trees stand in the center of hexagon formed by six trees of equal distance from each other.

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