Fish Capture

There are several methods of Fish Capture
1. Collecting by Hand - done along the shore during edbtide in swallow water or in deeper water by divers lised for collecting pearl oyster ,corals etc.
2. Line Fishing - use a bait or lure to attract and hold the fish.
3. Trapping - small basket-like or cage-like tray made of wood, netting wire or plastic nets.
4. Bag nets - small crops nets big straw. Nets with wings anchored or boats or vessels.
5. Dragged Gear - drags the fishing gear in a shallow water.
6. Use of Pursesein - fish are surrounded by preventing them from escaping.
7. Gill Netting - Nets anchosed or fixed by stakes and allowed to drifts freely w/ or without the fishing but.
8. uses of Harvesting Machines
9. Draining - usually used in fresh water fish pours.

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