Mgt. Practice

Raising Swine

  1. Feeling of geed pigs that are being fattened shld. be done twice a day.
  2. In selecting the stock the best pig available be selected.
  3. Choose a pig which will gain with the least feed.
  4. The right kind of feed in the right amt. is needed. The amt. of feed the animal eats in a 24 hour period is known as ration.
  5. Proper sanitation shld. be praticed.
Beef Cattle fattening
There are two methods of raising Beef Cattle
1. Fattening them on dry lots consisting.
2. By Feeding them for 3-5 mons. on grass.

In selecting breeder for Fattening the ff. pointers shld. be considered
1. Age
2. sex
3. Health
4. Body Built
5. Tendencies

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