Practicing Good Work Habits in the Kitchen

Meal preparation does not only limit itself to organizing your procedures, knowing recipe terms, and mastering techniques. It extends to other things like proper grooming, personal hygiene, and observing sanitary and safety procedures in the kitchen.

  1. Good Posture. Good posture reduces muscle strain and delays or avoid the feeling of tiredness. This is achieved by sitting and standing in a comfortable manner. When you work in a kitchen most of the time, you are in a standing position. Good posture will be hard to achieve unless the height of the work centers are right for you. The best height for work centers is where you do not have to raise your arms at the shoulders and bend your back to accomplish a work. You can also do things seated. The chair and stool you use should be at height that will not require you to sit on in a relaxed position with enough space for your knees beneath the counter or table.

  2. Orderliness. Working in an orderly and clean manner is a good habit to develop. This will enable you to save time and energy trying to find things that you have kept somewhere but having a hard time locating them back.

  3. Motions. When we prepare meals, we are into a lot of walking, stooping, lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing, stirring, holding, beating and seasoning. All these use up a certain amount of energy. Using a service tray to carry foods from one work center to another will save time and energy by cutting of unnecessary trips. Arranging things within easy reach, using the appropriate equipment and utensils and assigning a place for things needed in the kitchen are all ways towards reducing fatigue and achieving efficiency in the kitchen.
  4. Dovetailing activities. These refer to fitting together various steps to save time and energy. Examples of activities that have been dovetailed are: as water is heated to boiling, pare potatoes: as soup is heating for lunch, prepare the table; while clearing up after dinner, prepare sandwiches for snack in school. Short cuts are also sure to cut down on time and energy. Examples are: preparing dish meals, putting left over into containers where they could be reheated, cooking food enough for two meals, etc.
  5. Safe work habits. The kitchen is known to be the most dangerous place in the house because many home accidents happen here. Safety kitchen procedures were also important to know but i post and discussed it in some other day since beginning today i will be very busy. Let us review these again maybe after Christmas.Merry Christmas again to All.

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