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I just created a new blog portal at my feed cluster name as "Save the World" today, i find this very interesting, and you can visit it now.

If you have "Save the World" related blog and you would like to add it to my "
Save the World" Resources aggregator, you can do it just a few seconds from the FeedCluster signup page.
Click here add your blog in "Save the World" now!

If you add your blog, i will see your request in my account and then accept it quickly.

Get more readers for your blog easy use FeedCluster Aggreator

Do you have your own blog and you wished to have a lot of readers? They are many ways to gain readers to your blog but what I will share to you in this article is a good way to reach as many readers as possible and one of the tools bloggers can use is the FeedCluster who provide Aggreator.

FeedCluster is what they call a
blog aggreators hosting website- a place where you can find thousands of categorizes and searchable feeds from all over the world.

FeedCluster provide free hosting of community aggregators or blog portals. Aggregators are costumizable. Community aggreators provide easy acces to blogs by a community that it is interested in a specific topic. They can also a major source of blog traffic, if they are succesful aggregators. There are also aggregator widgets you can put on webpages. Entry clicks are made through the aggregator page or through widgets count toward entry popularity. Popular entries propagate through to the FeedCluster home page. There are couple succesful community agregators already that are hosted by FeedCluster.

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