Cultural Influences

The term culture is define as a system where a group of people shares similar values such as: common ways of doing things, common beliefs of right and wrong, common nations of how things should be, and to a certain extent, common perceptions of what is beautiful and ugly. These are passed on from generation to generation and are usually preserved especially when families go and live in other countries.This is the reason why we have what is known as China town in Binondo, Manila and other places all over the country where people of different cultures group themselves. Filipinos too, do the same when they immigrate to other countries like the United States.

If we go back to the older times, even our primate ancestor regarded the as more than a shelter for physical comfort. For them, it was a symbol of an ideal life, limited by culture, and form out of goals and values common among the people that live in it.

At present, practices, attitude and values related to humans basic activities such as eating, bathing, sleeping and socializing assume a big role in the design of eating, sleeping, and entertaining areas,and bathing facilities. The Japanese people sleep and sit on pillows close to the floor while Filipinos sit on chairs and sleep in beds.

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