Sizes, Shapes and Positions of Eyebrows

Eyebrows come in different sizes, shapes and positions. They may also be categorized according to location. The size, shape or position of the eyebrow plays an important part in one's facial expression. The shape and position of the eyebrows can make the face look proud, sad happy or surprised. Too thick eyebrows can make the face look sad or gloomy.
Following are various sizes, and positions of eyebrows.
1. Size- refers to the density of hair growt
h of the brows.
a. Thick- hair growth is superfluous.
b. Thin- hair growth is sparse and strands are thin.
c. Medium thick-hair is neither thick nor thin.
2. Shape- refers to the form or arching of eyebrows.
a. Normal
b. straight
c. oblique
d. angular
e. rounded
3. Position- refers to the placement of eyebrows.
a. high- high positioning of eyebrows increases the width of a narrow forehead.
b. Low- low placed eyebrows tend to narrow down the width of the forehead.
c. Far apart- eyebrows that are far apart tend to widen the eyes.
d. close Set- eyebrows that are too close to one another tend to set the eyes close, too.

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