Areas that Require Adjustment in the Early Stage of Marriage

After the wedding comes the realization that married life is not a bed of roses, that certain adjustments have to be made to make marital life enjoyable and lasting. The different aspects of married life that requires adjustments are:

1. Personal and family goals- to avoid conflict and disagreement husband and wife should discuss their personal relationships concerning where to live, work, use of leisure, etc.
2. Financial considerations- the couple must agree on how money must be spent and the responsibilities on how much should be spent for the budget.
3. Raising of children- how many children and how to raise them up should be discussed-in married life.
4. Sexual compatibility- in-laws should discuss sexual expectations to prevent break-up of relationship.
5. In-law- relationship- couple should understand that husband's and wife's loyalty must be first of all to each other.
6. Household management- household task should help specially in the heavy tasks at home.
7. Pattern of authority- agreement should be made on what areas each must play his/her role in governing the entire family.

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