In Love

You opened it!tomorrow will
be the best day of yourlife..(",if you repost this within 2 minutes with the
heading:(pic k 1)♥ → Slow S*x.♥→ I miss my baby.♥→ In love.♥→ Call me.♥→ Baby am
I doing too much?♥→ I smoke.♥→ I'm Single♥→ I wish i was with her right NOW.♥→ I
wish i was with him right NOW.♥→ HARDER! HARDER!♥→ I wanna love him but i just
cant.♥→ I wanna love her but i just cant.♥→ I want my ex back♥→ Smack That.♥→ I
wanna be with him.♥→ I wanna be with her.♥→ Marry me.♥→ I like someone.♥→ I wish
we were together.♥→ my ass is NICE!!♥→ im back with my ex.♥→ I wanna ask her
out!!♥→ I wanna ask him out!!♥→ Im breaking up with you....♥→ Im pregnant...♥→ I
wear th**gs♥→ should i ask him out♥→ should i ask her out

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