Purchasing Food

Shopping for the right kind of food at the right place and time is something that a customer must know and practice. It helps in the choice of available quality foods. Facts about food also help in selecting the right kind and quality of food listed in the menu card.

Serving quality food to guests or customer is one of the goals of food service. A well planned menu and well equipped kitchen do not guarantee that the customer is serve what he/she pays for, if food items are not properly bought. Purchasing is an important task in food service. It requires knowledge, skills and experience.
Purchasing the right food items and supplies for food items and supplies for food service needs good decision-making on the part of the Buyer. It is getting the best available item at least cost possible in terms of money and time.
Food items are classified into staples and groceries, perishable and contract items.
Staples and groceries include canned goods, bottled items, flour, rice, sugar and other items. These are purchased at supermarkets and grocery stores. These are purchased at supermarkets and grocery stores
Perishables consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and shellfish, all kinds of meat, poultry and dairy products. These are available at supermarkets and wet markets.
Contract items include bread, pastries, ice cream, soft drinks and other resale items that are delivered on contract basis.

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