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With Queen Torrent, search made it easy. BitTorrent's popularity is increasing with new sites, seemingly launched everyday. Usniff is one of such site, offering a fast real-time torrent search engine where users can search four of the most popular BitTorrent sites.Usniff does ended have a similar look and feel as the old You Torrent design. This was launched last January 2008, quickly becoming the most successful new torrent site. The site initially index all the popular torrents search, but switch to purely verified torrents this April after receiving legal threats.I've seen a lot of new BitTorrent meta-search engines this year. Sites like this are a great resource to search multiple BitTorrents sites at once. Meta-search engine like this depend on public trackers and sites that host the Torrent files-BitTorrent's backbone.Was my review on this site were very reassuring? Well i think so but you may also listen to the tips of other before going to decide. Isn't it?

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