Authorized Parts Inc.

Authorized Parts supplies and distributes a wide range of valves, electrical controls, replacement parts and custom designed OEM components for energy systems. And as a certified distributor, manufacturer and service facility, and provide high quality brand name valve and electrical control components for countless industries.

They have angle valve that is similar to glove valves, the same bonnet, stem, and disk are use for both. They combine an elbow fitting and a glove valve into one component with a substantial saving in pressure drop. Flanged angle valves are easier to remove and replace than flanged glove valves. Many kinds of valve that you can choose in their website like 150 Threaded Titanium Angle Valve, 1500 Flanged Angle Valve, 2500 Solder Duplex Angle Valve and many more kinds of valves. They have also contactors, relays, and transformers. Also actuators and Pump Parts.

For production and supply of precision motor control products, valves and pipping-specialties, rely on Authorized Parts Inc. They are the ''go to guy's''for control process and power products worldwide.You can find it by searching by brand, product or part number through their catalog, or complete their request form to find the exact part you are seeking. So what are you waiting for visit their website now.

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