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Ok guy's last June 6, I post about the mutual needs of Parents and Teenagers. Now i don't think what I've suppose to post to so let us just make a fun for my last post. This are all about my last post. Anyway guy's this is not just fun but also we pick something to learn.

Here it is.....Answer just what you think .........
1. What is privacy? How does it affect your sense of self worth?
2. What are some teenager behavior that irritate parents? How can avoid these irritant so that you and your parents or else your children will have a better ''parent-children''relationship? List these irritants and how you can avoid them.

Guy's isn't just funny or have something to learn ? Here are some more questions.
3. How can we establish a happy and healthy family relationship? List the things that you can do in your own capacity as a teenager or parents.
4. What are your needs? What are your parents needs? List them down.

My brief discussion but have also a questions to answer.
Brainstorm on the most frequent situations in which teenagers feel that they are not understood by their parents. This is also at what stage do these misunderstandings happen?
Over what kind of issues ?List them also.( Are you enjoying my brief fun things to learn guy's? Well its up to you to pick it up.....Thanks for reading......

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