Survey of Income and Program Participation

During the year, the Bureau published the first results from the survey of income and program participation, which collects monthly information on income, labor force, experience, and participation in major government programs. The first report presents average monthly data for the third quarter of 1983, and showed that about 30% of the 224.3 million people living in non-farm households took part in programs ranging from social security to assistance programs such as medicaid and food stamps.
The two largest means-tested programs( in which recipients must demonstrate some level of needs) were food stamps for 18.7 million people, and medicaid, covering 17.5 million persons. The two largest programs(which are not means-tested) are Social Security, whose benefits went to 31.7 million persons, and Medicare, which covered some 26.7 million. But now has a big difference and developing well.

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