Its New Year already, Happy New Year to all and all my friends here in blogosphere, twitter, face book, and friendster friends. Hope you have a Prosperous New Year.And of course I wish we all have more and more Years to come....Happy New Year to my friend Kei,sorry I can only visit my friendster if there is more time but doesn't mean that I forgot you I treasure you my friend and pray for the health of your family. Hope your family have many-many more years to come I Love you my friend. Hope you can read this message of mine. Here in blog i have time but in friendster i already no time to update every now and then. Happy New Year to Madel and Joy, Nova and Cecile, Sheng and Nanay. Di ko na imention lahat ang dami eh, basta lahat-lahat binabati ko.. I visit all of your website sometimes every other day but i have no time to leave a message there and am sorry about this. I know many of us want that leaving a message after visiting a website is better. Am really sorry i want to save more time eh, para makatipid din sa kuryente pataas kasi ng pataas ang bill namin ng kuryente, so kelangan magtipid sa lahat. But nag-iiwan naman ako ng message kapag me oras pa. I put limit myself kasi 2 hours everyday. Hope you understand........

1 Response to "HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    January 5, 2010 at 2:06 AM

    Congrats ! you got a nice blog, I hope you have time to visit my world www.sipedronasa.blogspot.com ,I invited a few selected people to visit my world and you are one of them,,once again
    Congrats. Thank and more power.

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