Cellphone Health Risk

Attention all user of cellphones maybe your using hazardous to your health. Several studies here and abroad of the detrimental effects
of the electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellphones.

Base on studies, prolonged exposure to these dangerous microwave radiations might result in brain cancer and other bodily tumors. In some cases overexposure to cellular phone radiation resulted to poor sperm reproduction and even sterility. Most of these studies remain inconclusive but there is absolutely no harm in making the public aware about these dangers. One may not know it but the gadgets we keep closely to our selves may cause problems in the future.

Children, students and young adults are likewise warned to give themselves some kind of protection from these harmful radiation. Since these radio waves affect some sectors of the brain, they might cause nausea and other illness related to memory and other brain functions. TXTpower is an organization of cellphone users that aims to empower Filipinos both as consumers and as citizens. Further explanation that ensuring the safety of these radioactive gadgets is the primary concern of the government, particularly the National Telecommunications Commission.

TXTpower must considers safety from cellphone use as one of its primary concerns but because the government and not as consumers are duty bound to protect the public, the NTC must not be remiss in its job and it must work double time in ensuring that the cellular units being sold around have passed the required safety standards. NTC must have a unit that tests the radiation ratings of its handset sold in the market. So guy's we must aware of this study.

1 Response to "Cellphone Health Risk"

  1. JeFf & NoVa says:
    May 21, 2008 at 5:06 PM

    halo, rosa.. thanks for this tips.. i have a friend who told me the same thing sa electromagnetic, and also sa computer the radiation pud...

    pero, we need and i mean i know something nga manguntra sa electromagnetic sa celphone nga di siya hazardous para sa human being..

    its a magnetic bracelet, my whole family have it for protection and i did know that it really helps me alot

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